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The winding down of a year ushers in mixed feelings in many people. This is the time to reflect, review and recalibrate.

Are you ready for the New Year?

Are you ready for excitement and new challenges?

You may ask, “Why do a year review”?

There are many reasons to do one, main one being what is not measured, cannot be evaluated. And so we encourage all of us to take the time to do our year review so we can:

Identify our lessons for the year, Review what has happened this year, Regain focus and Start the New Year on a high note.

How can we go about doing this?  We need to use the following steps:

  • Write a list of the highlights of the year just ending. (Write all you can remember).
  • Write what did not go well.
  • Tie up all loose ends.
  • Determine the five big things you are going to focus on in the next year.

If your heart can conceive it, your life can receive it. It is possible. It is called vision. Vision is the destination of your preferred future.

  • What is your single biggest goal?
  • Take out time to rest.
  • Make plans for the next year. Write them down with timelines, deliverables, resources needed, potential obstacles and activities.
  • The following Reflection questions will also help you arrive at where you are now so you can have a realistic picture to build the future on.
  • What is the most important goal I achieved this year?
  • What skills did I acquire this year
  • What is the biggest mistake I made this year and what lessons have I learnt from it?
  • What obstacle/challenge did I overcome?
  • What is my best memory this year?
  • What is my biggest regret of the year?
  • What books did I read this year?
  • If I would change one thing this year, it would be —————————————–
  • One contribution I made in my community was ——————————————-
  • My biggest time waster this year was ——————————————————-
  • One sentence that would sum up the year is ——————————————-
  • If I could travel back to the beginning of the year, here is some advice I would give myself.


Three ways I developed myself were:

  1. —————————————–
  2. —————————————–
  3. —————————————–
  • How did I use technology this year to leverage my business?
  • What stopped me from achieving my goals?
  • Did I fully utilize my capabilities?

The questions can go on and on but these ones will help you arrive at a place of truth. As you then plan for the New Year after your thorough self cross – examination, plan using the following prompts into your new vision goals:

  • Build one habit.
  • Write one person you are going to befriend or reconnect with.
  • Buy one book you are going to read.
  • Write down one Personal Development goal you are going to achieve.
  • Write down one fear you are going to overcome.
  • Write down one risk you are going to take.
  • Write down five ways you are going to make money.
  1. —————————————–
  2. —————————————–
  3. —————————————–
  4. —————————————–
  5. —————————————–
  • Note one way you are going to stop wasting time.
  • Write down one skill you are going to learn.
  • Plan one way you are going to be de-stressing and have more fun.
  • Write down one way you will impact your generation.
  • How will you use technology in the New Year to leverage your activities?


It is time to unlearn old methods, relearn new methods, infuse new people or skills to adapt the new methods as Coach Sam Obafemi said in his new book “But what do I know

There is need for constant growth, we must not be stagnant. Each person must learn to think as thinking is the most difficult thing for many to do. We can do it, it is possible and 2019 just got exciting