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This is a book that will walk you through and show you issues and solutions around your vision. It will reveal to you the importance of planning, developing a strategy, recruiting great staff, evolving dynamic curriculum and examinations and assess students.

In addition, the book will show you the importance of parents, partnerships, regulatory bodies, human resources, maintenance culture, safety and security, boarding life etc. It goes further to discuss policies, succession planning, and much more.

2 reviews for THE SCHOOL GUIDE

  1. Paul Ajieh

    Simply the best guide to running a great school as described. I thought the value the book provides outweighs the cost. If you own or run a leadership role in a school, this is a must read. I recommend it for teachers & even parents so they can make better decisions in evaluating the best schools for their children.


    The school guide, a complete manual that guides into: i. what everyone who is dreaming of going into school business should consider,
    ii. what everyone who already has a school should do to be different from the lot,
    iii. what every Teacher should have to appreciate that what the do is a CALLING and not just a profession and
    iv. what every parent should read to appreciate school owners and teachers in that schooling goes beyond teaching and learning but a lot of underground work.

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My experience over the past three decades mentoring hundreds of teenagers and youths, guiding and continuing to mentor many aspiring, new and old school owners have greatly prepared me for the task of writing this guide. I have run my own school, Ladela Schools, for over twenty years.

When i first started my journey of running a school, there was no specific book to guide me. I struggled with many things but my thirst for excellence led me to invest in knowledge by attending many conferences and workshops to find direction and guidance.

This book will guide you and refresh your mind on those foundation issues germane to running a school, help you implement best practices, help create an enabling environment for pupils, students, staff and parents, help you leave a legacy and help you develop wings to fly with new visions and dreams.