Covid-19 School Health and Safety; Practical Implementation Plans for Schools
About Lesson

The key messages in the back-to-school campaign must be child-friendly, age-appropriate, accessible to and inclusive of persons with disabilities, and available in the relevant local languages.

Remember to share messages through different modalities to help reach all audiences (i.e. loudspeaker/radio/ TV for those with hearing difficulties, posters with images, and simple text for those less literate).

If there is a national back-to-school campaign, use the following messages and link to the national campaign plans where possible.

  • Facts about school reopening: Reopening date; any steps that caregivers/children and young people must take to prepare for reopening.
  • Steps school is taking to be a safe space: Disinfection; physical distancing rules; procedures for health checks; etc
  • Facts about COVID-19: How COVID-19 spreads; how to protect yourself from COVID-19.
  • Debunk stigmatization: Address stereotypes or superstitions about persons who have been infected by COVID-19 or who are assumed to have been infected (i.e. health workers, family members of those infected, certain ethnicities).
  • Support information: Include information resources are available to support children’s and young people’s return to school (i.e. support services, school feeding, additional training teachers have received). Also include changes that have been made to the school environment to make it more welcoming, supportive of marginalized children and young people.
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